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Thanksgiving Poem

Every year, I write a poem for Thanksgiving. I know that Thanksgiving posts are the most cliche blog posts in the world, but my mother started crying when she read this, so I knew I had to post it.

Thanksgiving Poem

I am thankful for a plethora of people, places, and things.

First and foremost, I am thankful for my family.

You support me when I’m having a hard time,

And you bring me back to earth when I’m floating too high.

I am thankful for my friends.

They are amazing, and they can always cheer me up.

I am thankful for yoga because it always calms me down.

I am thankful for dance because when I have a bad day,

Dance allows me to express myself freely and leave it all out on the floor.

I am thankful for writing because God gave it to me as a gift,

And it is the gift I cherish most

Because it is my passion.

I am thankful for MEDIAGIRLS, and for every opportunity they have given me.

I am thankful for



Clean water,


And having a warm home.

I am thankful to God for providing me with everything I need

To live a happy life

And for blessing me with the ability

To give thanks.

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Maisie Writes Whatever Nonsense That Comes Off The Top Of Her Head!

Hello, readers!

I have had a crazy day. It didn’t even start today! Last night, I felt completely normal. Then, I went to bed, and I had the weirdest, scariest dream ever. I forgot what it was, but I remember it was creepy. I was so scared after the dream that I legitly climbed into my parents’ bed and said: “Mommy, I had a bad dream.” And yes, I am 14 years old. *cue laugh track*

Anyway, by the morning, I came down with a fever and a stomach bug. Bleh. On the bright side, I slept till 9:15 and my mom made me stay home!

Then I realized that I hadn’t posted on my blog in over a week!

*horror movie music plays in background*

So, I decided to do the first installment of Maisie Writes Whatever Nonsense Comes Off The Top Of Her Head.


My Brother’s Crazy Obsession

Remember that time when I wrote that rant on Wiggle by Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Something? Well, my brother discovered the rant. And listened to the song. And decided it was the best piece of music that has ever been written.

Head in Hands

The Voice

If you know me in person, then you know how much I love the voice. The only problem is, over the course of two weeks, five of my favorites have been eliminated. Let us have a moment of silence for Bryana Salaz, Mia Pfirrman, Elyjuh Rene, Sugar Joans, and Jessie Pitts. If any of you guys are reading this, know that I love you and will always support you. I can’t wait to see you guys in the finale on December 15th!

*cue somber background music from lame 80’s romance movies*

P.S. Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani, if you are reading this, would you care to explain why you chose Chris and Ryan over Bry and Mia? Many of my friends and I are very curious about how and why you made this decision.


Other Bits of News

  • Excuse my screaming on that last one, I’m just so excited for high school! According to my friends that go there, and my friend who goes to another high school, I will have an easier time making new friends.


That’s all for today, folks! Until next time, I am Maisie and this has been Maisie Writes Whatever Nonsense That Comes Off The Top Of Her Head! Thank you. Maisie out.

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Miss America: The Annual Hoax That, For Some Reason, Still Exists in 2014

A few weeks ago, an annual televised special was broadcast that drew millions of viewers. And no, it wasn’t Sunday Night Football. It was Miss America, otherwise known as Fully Clothed Men Judging Women In Swimsuits On Nothing But Appearance. When one thinks about Miss America, one can’t help but wonder: “Why the **** is this still going on in 2014? I thought that men and women were equals!”

Well, apparently not.

Swimsuit Competition

The most iconic part of the Miss America competition is definitely the swimsuit competition, today known as the Lifestyle and Fitness competition. The swimsuit competition has been a large part of the pageant since the first pageant in 1921, even though it (and the rest of the pageant) has changed a lot since then.

graphic element 1

The Miss America pageant has changed a lot since its early days.

It also just happens to be my biggest problem with the Miss America competition.

First of all, the fact that it is called the “Lifestyle and Fitness” competition is completely bogus. If any normal person wanted to look like the Miss America contestants do in a swimsuit, she would have to starve herself for, oh, I don’t know, like, a few months? That is not healthy at all. One needs food to survive, and if they want to give it up just to prance around in a swimsuit onstage, their priorities are a bit out of whack. There are people in third-world countries who would do anything for food, while here in America, a lot of women apparently want to starve themselves just to prance around onstage in a bikini and make complete fools of themselves.

The second problem I have with the swimsuit competition is that Miss America is a scholarship pageant. If it is a scholarship pageant, then the Miss America organization would want to give the scholarships to the most smart and capable women. For some reason, a factor in determining one’s capability and intelligence is whether or not one looks like Beach Barbie, because apparently, as talk show host John Oliver puts it, “the intelligence portion of the brain is located somewhere on the upper thigh.” The third, and perhaps most obvious, problem I have with the swimsuit competition is that it objectifies women. Year after year, I can’t help but notice that the host is an average-sized, fully clothed man who is sharing the stage with perfect-bodied women who would, under any other circumstances, be arrested for indecent exposure. Double standard much?

Scholarship Pageant, Or Lack Thereof

What most people don’t know about the Miss America pageant is that the scholarship portion of the pageant is a complete hoax. The organization claims that over $45 million are made available for college scholarships every year. It turns out that the key words in that sentence are “made available.”

My evidence? In 2013, Miss Alabama contestants were given the option to accept a scholarship to Troy University, and the Miss Alabama organizers said that $2.6 million were being given out to contestants towards a college scholarship. Miss Alabama got the outrageous amount of $2.6 million by multiplying the value of one scholarship ($54,000) by the number of Miss Alabama contestants (48), which totaled to about $2.6 million. The amount of money that was actually given to contestants was, to put it simply, a bit less than expected. None of the Miss Alabama contestants accepted a scholarship. That means that if the value of one scholarship ($54,000) was multiplied by the number of contestants who actually accepted a scholarship (0), that means that $0 in scholarships were given out.

the prettiest school in america

If Troy University really gave out $2.6 million in scholarships to Miss Alabama contestants, then they would have probably won some sort of award for being the prettiest school in Alabama.

The amount of money that the Miss America Organization has given out–even after the most generous assumptions are made for each national, state and local competition–barely even $4 million dollars. This makes one think, “Where the **** did they get that outrageous $45 million amount if the organization barely even give out $4 million?” The world may never know.

The Bottom Line

To sum up my feelings on Miss America, it is an event that pretty much destroys everything that feminists have been working towards since the Seneca Falls convention in 1848. In my opinion, pageantry would only be a fair practice if men were subject to the same demeaning judging process as women, and if they would also be forced to compete in Lifestyle and Fitness.

Maisie's 'Mr. America' cartoon 11-2014

If only this happened.

True, there have been some notable accomplishments in feminism since then. But, thanks to Miss America, us feminists still clearly have our work cut out for us.

If you’re still not entirely convinced about how unethical the practice of pageantry is, click here. You won’t regret it.


Maisie Speaks On The Issues: On Why It Is Wrong To “Bodysnark”

In today’s society, more and more people have been making nasty comments about other people’s bodies. This concept is dubbed “bodysnarking” by positive body image advocate Mary Streech. 90% of girls who participated in a survey said that people had made snarky comments about their bodies, and another study reports that boys who feel like they are not muscular enough are more likely to take steroids and have depression. Another result of people “bodysnarking” each other is that 65% of eating disorders are linked to bullying. A question that may arise after taking in this information is: why do people bodysnark each other? Psychologist Robyn Silverman says that people bodysnark each other because they feel insecure about their own bodies, and it makes them feel better when they insult others’ bodies.

I feel like bodysnarking is 100% wrong. I write for a nonprofit organization called MEDIAGIRLS, and the goal of MEDIAGIRLS is to change how girls and women are perceived by the media. A topic that comes up on the MEDIAGIRLS blog over and over again is how the media negatively influences how girls and women feel about their bodies, and how absolutely destructive the media can be about the bodies of girls and women. When I heard that 90% of girls have been the target of bodysnarking, I was not surprised at all. The average teen consumes up to 10 hours of media a day, a lot of which offends the bodies of girls and women, and the influence of media on the modern thought process is clear. Every single day, girls and women everywhere are being told: “You’re not skinny enough. You’re not hot enough.” It makes girls and women feel as if they are not valued in society, and to feel unwanted is one of the worst feelings in the spectrum of human emotion.

I learned that bodysnarking is a practice that grows at an extremely rapid rate. However, I also learned that several organizations have been created to combat the negative effects of bodysnarking. Many of these organizations are largely active on social media, which makes more people aware of how wrong it is to insult other peoples’ bodies. The more publicity that the issue of bodysnarking gets, the more people will be aware that they need to stop bodysnarking. Every single day, I am so grateful to be a part of MEDIAGIRLS because the issue of how the media portrays girls and women is an issue that affects countless millions of girls and women on a daily basis, and even though all I’m doing is writing blog posts a few times a month, I know that even the tiniest acts can have the biggest impact on change. When I combine a cause I am passionate about with an activity I love, it creates a fire inside me that cannot burn out. I know that if I keep at it, I will be able to make a difference.