The Struggles of Having a Unique Name

As anyone reading this can probably infer from the title of my blog, my name is Maisie. Maisie is not that common of a name, although it has grown in popularity since the early 2000s (coincidence? I think not!) I love having a unique name because it distinguishes me from everyone else. I’m not another Jane or Lisa or Kate. I’m Maisie. However, there are a set of unique struggles that come with having a one-of-a-kind name, and I am listing the ones that bother me most. This post is partly inspired by a video on BuzzFeed that I like.

Struggle #1: Substitute Teachers

In every class that I have, I have to memorize where I am in the roll call because I never know if one day, I’m going to have a sub. Subs never have any idea how to pronounce my name, so whenever my name is about to be called, I just butt in and say my name.

Sub: Billy?

Billy: Here!

Sub: John?

John: Here!

Sub: Sarah?

Sarah: Here!

(SUB hesitates for a moment.)

Sub: Masai?

Maisie: Maisie, Maisie. My name is Maisie. It rhymes with the word “daisy.”

Sub: Okay. Thank you, Masai.

(MAISIE facepalms.)

Struggle #2: Starbucks

Barista: Hi, how can I help you?

Maisie: May I have a slice of pumpkin bread and a double chocolate-chip frappucino without coffee, please?

Barista: Sure, I’ll need a name for that order.

Maisie: It’s Maisie, spelled M-A-I-S-I-E.

(The BARISTA takes out a cup and writes “MACY” on it. MAISIE facepalms.)

Struggle #3: Meeting New People

Bob: Hi, I’m Bob, what’s your name?

Maisie: I’m Maisie, nice to meet you.

Bob: Nice to meet you as well, Macy!

(BOB and MAISIE shake hands, while MAISIE subtly-not-so-subtly grimaces.)

Struggle #4: When People I Actually Know Mispronounce My Name

Classmate: Hey, Macy!

Maisie (scowling): It’s Maisie, like “daisy,” but with an M instead of a D!

Struggle #5: Letters/Mail

(An electrical bill arrives on MAISIE’S doorstep. It is addressed to:





Maisie: Hey, at least they got the address right! But no one by the name of Maisy lives here, so tough luck to whoever has to pay this bill.

When I Finally Give Up on the World

Maisie: Hi, I’d like to order 3 large cheese pizzas for takeout.

Pete of Pete’s Pizzeria: Sure, what’s the name for that order?

Maisie: Mary. It’s Mary.

I hope anyone out there with an obscure name can relate to this! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, FELLOW BEARERS OF OBSCURE NAMES!

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My Top 10 of The Voice Season 10!

As the Blind Auditions of The Voice Season 10 draw to a close, I would like to pick out my top 10 frontrunners. I might be right, I may be wrong, but somewhere in this Top 10 is the winner of The Voice Season 10. So, without further ado, my Top 10 Picks for The Voice Season 10!

1) Alisan Porter, Team Christina

Click here to watch Alisan’s Blind Audition

Okay, I was on this kid’s team from the moment she opened her mouth to sing. I mean, she literally has the perfect voice. It turns out that Alisan was somewhat famous as a kid. She won Star Search when she was, like, 5 years old, and then played the role of “Curly Sue” in the movie Curly Sue. She left the TV and film industry because she didn’t enjoy it anymore, but later ended up doing a few Broadway shows. Alisan hit a point in her life where she turned to drugs and alcohol, but she turned it around and has been sober for 8 years. Now, she is not only a wife and a mother of two, but a card-carrying member of Team Xtina. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Alisan won this season because she has such control over her monstrously powerful and amazing voice. Watch out for her, guys.

2) Jessica Crosbie, Team Pharrell

Click here to watch Jessica’s Blind Audition

First of all, I love “Viva La Vida,” so I knew Jess was going to be great just because of her song choice. What most struck me about Jess was that even though her voice is very soft and subtle, you could have heard a pin drop in the room while she was singing. Her technical and vocal abilities are going to be tough for the other competitors to beat. While all of the coaches made great pleas to get Jess on their teams, Pharrell said, “I will only get in your way if I need to hold a mirror in front of you to see where your strengths and weaknesses lie.” That was probably the most deeply philosophical thing I have ever heard, and the same must have been true for Jessica, because she went with Team Pharrell.

3) Kristen Marie, Team Christina

Click here to watch Kristen’s Blind Audition

In the words of Pharrell Williams, Kristen had some “great subtle moments, but also some big thunderous moments.” She has great control over her instrument, having the ability to make it go from loud to soft and back again in a matter of seconds. Her passionate vocals inspired Christina and Blake to turn around. At first, it seemed like Blake was going to win Kristen over, with both of them being from Oklahoma, but Christina hit the nail on the head when she said that Kristen’s voice reminded her of Adele and Sia, and Kristen said that she wanted to do music inspired by Adele and Sia. Blake better watch out, because Kristen and Christina will be a force to be reckoned with.

4) Natalie Yacovazzi, Team Adam

Click here to watch Natalie’s Blind Audition

Natalie’s audition has to be the sassiest performance in Voice history. She sang and performed like she owned the stage and no one was going to take it away from her. That big, belted note at the beginning was a great strategy on Natalie’s part because it caught Adam’s attention 10 seconds into the performance. Adam was the only chair to turn for Natalie, but she is in great hands with him, and I know she will go far in this competition.

5) Peyton Parker, Team Blake

Click here to watch Peyton’s Blind Audition

Peyton’s voice has a really cool, relaxed vibe to it that drew my attention right away. Her pitch was always spot-on, and she would do really well on any team. Blake, Christina, and Pharrell turned for Peyton, but as soon as Peyton said she lived in Nashville, one could pretty much predict which team she was going to be on. Despite Pharrell’s pleading and Christina’s willingness to wear a cowboy hat for 5 seconds, Peyton wanted a slot performing in the Blakeville County Fair, so she went with the mayor of Blakeville, Mr. Blake Shelton.

6) Shalyah Fearing, Team Christina

Click here to watch Shalyah’s Blind Audition

If I were a contestant on this season of The Voice, I would have to be insane not to be “Fearing” Shalyah’s voice. She is pretty much Christina Aguilera and Beyonce put together, so it was not surprising that Christina turned for Shalyah. The fact that Shalyah is my age is also lovely for my self-confidence. SHE IS SO GOOD! SHE’S AMAZING!

7) Abby Celso, Team Pharrell

Click here to watch Abby’s Blind Audition

Abby sang a Tori Kelly song, which made me like her from the start. But she nailed both the really low first verse of the song and the really high second half of the song and hit a huge note at the end. She is a fantastic performer, and her dad’s reaction to Adam and Pharrell turning is priceless. Pharrell said that Abby “had it” and “I will stand behind you because if I stand to your left, I’m in your way; if I stand to your right, I’m in your way; but if I stand behind you, I will not let you fall.” Although Adam countered this by saying, “I think you should fall because you will get up stronger than before,” no one in their right mind wants to fall, so, needless to say, Abby went with Pharrell.

8) Brittney Lawrence, Team Blake

Click here to watch Brittney’s Blind Audition

Brittney took a HUGE risk by singing a Demi Lovato song, but that risk ended up paying off big-time in the end. Although I would agree with Pharrell that she needs to learn vibrato, this song really showcased Brittney’s natural vocal ability, and it got Christina and Blake to turn around for her. Even though Christina was the only one of the two to make an actual argument as to why Brittney should be on her team, something inside of Brittney told her to go with Blake, and I love and respect Brittney a lot, so I trust that she will achieve greatness on Blake’s team. Also, she auditioned for the show 7 times before and never got to the Blind Auditions, so she can do whatever the heck she wants at this point.

9) Tamar Davis, Team Christina

Click here to watch Tamar’s Blind Audition

Tamar’s Aretha-esque vocals speak for themselves, so I’m not going to say anything about how AMAZING, FABULOUS, PERFECT, POWERFUL, INCREDIBLE she is at singing. Tamar was in a girl group with Beyonce and Kelly Rowland when she was younger, but her parents pulled her out because she had to go to school. Since then, she’s done backup vocals for Prince and is best friends with Tyler Perry, and it’s her time to step into the spotlight. Tamar is an incredible singer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it to the finale.

10) Hannah Huston, Team Pharrell

Click here to watch Hannah’s Blind Audition

Hannah sang “Unaware” by Allen Stone for her Blind Audition. I had very high expectations for her because Mia Pfirrman, another one of my favorite artists, did a cover of it a while back, and it was really, really good. Hannah’s rendition of it was equally fantastic. Her voice is a one-of-a-kind blend of raspy, soft, sassy, and powerful, and I know that she will go far on the show. Pharrell said that he was “really excited” about Hannah, so Hannah chose to join Team Pharrell. Needless to say, she is in the best hands for her unique voice and personality.

There are so many amazing artists this season and it was so hard for me to narrow it down to just 10 of them! The Battles this season are going to be phenomenal, and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for them.