My first college visits!

I am thrilled to announce that I am beginning the process of looking at colleges! This is going to be an emotional whirlwind of a ride, and I want to chronicle it for you. I will not be saying which specific colleges I’m visiting, nor will I say which college I will end up attending because the Internet is full of creeps and I don’t want anyone to stalk me or anything like that. However, I haven’t posted in a while, and seeing as this is the biggest change in my life thus far, it seemed like an interesting topic to post about. Here goes nothing!

The first college I visited was one of those schools that doesn’t really have much of a defined campus. It is in the middle of a big city. When I was visiting this school, I got the invigorating feeling of being right in the thick of things. The student tour guides were super friendly and answered all of my questions about the school. One major pro of this particular school is that they offer a BFA program in creative writing, which is not offered at many schools, and if it isn’t obvious from reading literally anything on this blog, majoring in creative writing would be so awesome! I had known about the creative writing program at this school before I went on the tour, but what I didn’t know was that, according to one of the tour guides, a few undergrads get their work published every semester.

Yep, you read that right. If I were to attend this school, I COULD BE A PUBLISHED AUTHOR BEFORE GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE!!!!!!

However, I don’t know if I would be challenged enough academically at this school because it doesn’t have the reputation of being an academically rigorous school. One of the key factors I’m looking for in a school is that I want to be challenged academically, but I don’t want to spend four years in a place where I’m under so much academic pressure that I can’t be happy. That being said, the writing opportunities that this school has to offer make it a strong contender in my college search.

The second college I visited was the polar opposite of the first school in every way imaginable, aside from the fact that they were similar in size. This school had a sprawling campus and breathtaking architecture. On a sunny day in autumn or spring, I could see myself frolicking across the rolling green fields that make up this campus. By the end of the hour-long tour, my mother and I were both extremely winded. We ate lunch in the dining hall on campus, and the food was pretty good. They even had ice cream! All of the students we met, including our tour guide, were so welcoming to us and had nothing but the best to say about their school.

Unlike the first school I visited, this college is known in every corner of the globe for its academic rigor. The closest thing they have to a major in creative writing is an English major, and I don’t want to pay $60,000 per year to translate The Canterbury Tales by hand or labor over Shakespeare’s greatest hits. They do have a wonderful women’s studies program, which is a very close second to creative writing in terms of my ideal major. This school also has a lot of requirements for science and math, and I got the impression that this school encourages students to go in the STEM-y direction rather than the arts/humanities path I see myself on.

I had a great experience on both of my visits. The students at both schools I visited were incredibly kind and passionate about their schools, and touring the schools themselves was really interesting. Both schools have pros and cons. While one school celebrates the arts and humanities, the other school puts more of an emphasis on math and science. One school takes a more relaxed approach to academics, while the other school’s curriculum is world-renowned for its quality and rigor. Overall, I felt more comfortable at the first school I visited, but I definitely want to visit more schools. I want to keep my options as open as possible.