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The Glittery Girls Gang, Chapter 4

Lunch. The day after the incident.

After I buy my lunch, I sit down at an empty table towards the back of the cafeteria. I take out my book, Wonder, out and start to read and eat simultaneously. I call it “reating.”

I was so absorbed in my book that I didn’t see the Glittery Girls coming right towards me, or, as some might view it, stalking their prey.

“Hey, nerd.” Kayla said with a snicker.

“I thought this was lunch, not English class.” Avalon sneered.

“What kind of a pathetic loser READS in her free time? Seriously, get a life, honey.” Maggie chortled.

“No wonder you have no friends.” Mercedes said. And then, in perfect sync, all 4 members of the Glittery Girls Gang flipped their long hair, turned around, and sashayed away, snickering.

I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I run into the bathroom, cry, and puke my guts out. I decided to go to the school nurse because I really do feel sick. 

I tell the nurse, Ms. Harold, that I think I have a stomach bug and that I had just puked. I call my dad on the nurse’s phone. My dad said he’d pick me up in 10 minutes.


After an all day marathon of my favorite show, Back Handsprings and Backstabbers, I heard my phone bleep at 5:30. I got an email. At first, I thought it was an email from Jesy since we email all the time. But I nearly threw up (for the sixth time that day) when I read who it was from. 

The email was from Mercedes.

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Glittery Girls Gang Chapter 3

Chapter 3

In my family, we have a tradition of sharing the “highs and lows” of the day while we eat dinner. My family consists of my mother, who’s a child psychologist, my father, who is a stay-at-home-dad (I call him Mr. Mom because he plays the role a mother usually plays), me, and my 15 year old sister, Mirabai. The way Highs and Lows works is that everybody takes turns sharing the best parts of their day (their highs) and the worst parts of their day (their lows). Mom encourages us to share our honest thoughts and to be open in sharing with each other. My dad decides to go first tonight. “My high is that I didn’t have to do a ton of laundry today and my low is that I was lonely while my family was at school and work.” He shares.

My mom goes next. “My high is right now because I get to see all of you guys, and my low was doing paperwork for my patients because it is boring, tedious, and time consuming.”

Mirabai was third. “My high is that I went to Main Street Coffee with my friends after school today, and that was fun. My low is that I have a giant English paper due on Friday and it’s going to be a lot of work.”

I was last. “I have no highs today. My low is that I got bullied.”

“Oh, honey.” Mom sighed. “What happened?”

I proceeded to tell them about the little trick that Kayla, Avalon, Maggie, and Mercedes played on me at recess. Then I start crying about how I’ll never make any new friends.

“The only advice I have for you is that sixth grade sucks and that those girls are worthless scumbags that have zero potential in life. They may be popular now, but when you guys are all adults, you’ll be a world-famous author and they’ll all be garbage truck drivers if they don’t end up inside of a garbage truck.” Mirabai said encouragingly. I started laughing, picturing the GGG in garbage truck driver uniforms. Major LOL moment.

“Your sister is right, Devyn. You know what happened to Karl and Danny?” Dad said. Karl and Danny were the two kids that picked on him when he was my age. He’d told this story a thousand million times.

“They still live in your hometown in New Jersey and they’re both single McDonald’s cashiers. You are married to the love of your life and have two incredible kids.” I finish for him.

“I once had a patient named Bobby Keller. I was always getting reports from his school about him being mean to other kids. Now, he’s serving a ten-year term in prison for selling drugs to minors.” Mom added her words of encouragement. “Nothing good ever happens to bullies.”

“May I be excused?” I asked my parents.

“Sure,” my mom said. “You’ve clearly had a long day.”

I went upstairs to my room, booted up my laptop, and wrote an email to my best and only friend asking for advice.


To: “Jesy Perez (jesica.perez@zmail.net)”

From: “Devyn De La Rosa (devyn_dlr52@zmail.net)”

Subject: I miss u!!!!

Hey Jesy,

I got bullied at school today. You know Kayla Davis, Avalon Brown, Maggie Jones, and Mercedes Montoya? Apparently, they have a club called The Glittery Girls Gang. I asked to join them, and Kayla (the leader of the club) said that if I ran from the swingset to the slide in under 30 seconds, I’d be in the Glittery Girls Gang. Well, I ran in 28 seconds and they called me stupid and a bunch of other mean names. I know you’d never do that to me. I just wish that you were here. You would have stood up for me, I know it.

I miss u sooooooooooo much!



I got a reply back a few minutes later.

To: “Devyn De La Rosa (devyn_dlr52@zmail.net)”

From: “Jesica Perez (jesica.perez@zmail.net)”

Subject: I miss u!!!!

Hey Dev,

Sorry about the GGG. I never really knew how mean they were until now. Just know that they don’t deserve u as friends. You are really awesome and the best friend anyone could ask for.

Can’t wait to see u this summer in Massachusetts!!!

Your best friend always and forever,


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The Glittery Girls Gang, Chapter 2

I take a deep breath and walk over to Kayla, Avalon, Maggie, and Mercedes. I practiced what I will say to the GGG in front of the mirror countless times last night. I don’t think I could possibly be better prepared. I muster up all of my courage, walk over to the GGG, and I deliver my first “line.”

“Hi, my name is Devyn De La Rosa.” I say, trying to sound somewhat confident.

“Yeah. We know.” Kayla said flatly, rolling her eyes at me.

“We’ve been in your class since, like, the first grade.” Maggie adds, sounding identical to her leader.

“We’re not totally stupid, just in case you’re too stupid to know that.” Avalon adds snarkily. All four girls laugh their guts out. It was just like all of the teenage movies my older sister, Mirabai, watches.

“Well, I, um, was wondering what I have to do to join the Glittery Girls Gang.” I ask patiently.

“Fresh meat,” Mercedes whispers to Maggie loud enough for me to hear. Both girls snicker, and I laugh in my head at their failed attempt to remain inconspicuous about their teasing.

“Just run from the slide to the swing set in under thirty seconds and you’re in.” Kayla says with a broad smile.

“I’ll do it.” I proclaim with determination. The Gang and I walk over to the slide. Kayla puts her watch in stopwatch mode.

“Ready, set, GO!” Kayla yells, and starts her stopwatch. I run faster than I ever have in my whole life. The whole fate of my future social life rests on these thirty seconds. I get to the swing set, out of breath, heart pounding like a cacophonous drum.

“Twenty-eight seconds!” Kayla exclaims.

“I’m in!” I exclaim.

The other girls chortle. “You really thought it would be THAT easy?” Avalon says, barely able to contain herself.

“You are so freaking stupid.” Mercedes says, also guffawing.

“If you think we let stupid people into the Glittery Girls Gang, you don’t know anything. Now run along and get on with your miserable little life.” Kayla says, doing a fake frowny-face.

“SO sad,” Avalon says. And the GGG starts laughing like I was Ellen DeGeneres interviewing a little kid. My vision gets blurry. My eyes get watery. My stomach lurches. I feel a lump in my throat. I tell the recess monitor that I am going to the bathroom. When I get to the bathroom, I lock myself in and cry for the rest of recess. How could I have ever thought that making friends was so easy?


The Glittery Girls Gang, Part 1

The events in this story are inspired by events I experienced in real life. All names, places, and things have been fictionalized for the purpose of privacy. The leaders of the Glittery Girls Gang are still among us, and I don’t want them to know I’m writing this. Anyhow, on with the story.

Chapter 1

I am all alone.

My best friend, Jesy, just moved to Iowa. Ever since kindergarten, we have done everything together. We went to the same school, the same dance class, and the same synagogue. But her mom just got a really good position at work in Des Moines, and obviously Jesy and her family couldn’t travel from Iowa to Massachusetts every single day, so my best and only friend has to move all the way across the country. And that’s where my story begins.

My name is Devyn, by the way. Devyn De La Rosa. I am eleven years old, and I love to act, sing, dance, read, and write. I read so much that my mom jokes that I came out of the womb with a book in my hand. I am also incredibly shy, and the only friend I have ever had is Jesy, partly because Jesy is also very shy. But I’ve decided to take it upon myself to make some new friends. Jesy wouldn’t want me to be alone.

There’s this group of girls in my class named Kayla, Avalon, Maggie, and Mercedes. They call themselves The Glittery Girls Gang, or the GGG for short. I, and everyone else in the universe, know this because they all wear shirts with the words “Glittery Girls Gang” printed on the front in big, gold, shimmery letters, and on the back of the shirts, their names and numbers are printed. Kayla’s number is 1, because she is the president of the gang. Her shirt even says “Prez of the Glittery Girls Gang.” They wear their official tees every day. Kayla’s mom also owns CoolTees.com, a website where you can design and order your own custom t-shirts, so the Gang got their shirts for free. Kayla’s family is also incredibly rich because of her mother’s success in business. I wonder if I’m going to get a GGG shirt.