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How long have you been dancing?

I took my first dance class when I was five and stayed at that same studio until I was eight. I quit dance when I was eight because I was in a company that rehearsed several days a week for many hours, and that started to take a toll on my second-grader brain and body. I did not return to dance until I was 12, at which point I had discovered YouTube videos of other kids my age who were really good dancers. I tried to teach myself how to dance from the videos, and I did learn a few steps, but my mother insisted upon signing me up for a hip-hop class at a local community center. I loved it, but I was practicing for my bat mitzvah at the time, so I had to drop dance to prepare for my bat mitzvah. I did not return to dance until I was 14 when I signed up for a hip-hop class at a studio in my neighborhood. So, as of now, I have been dancing for three consecutive years, with a few dance classes as a tiny tot.

What are your least favorite styles of dance?

Last year, I took a general dance class at school, and we studied ballet for a month. It required so much attention to the tiniest details that I wanted to rip my hair out of my head one strand at a time. It was so frustrating, but I did really well on my final ballet exam. Ballet would probably be my least favorite because of the agony it requires to do it well.

What are your favorite styles of dance?

Currently, I’m doing jazz, and I would say that’s my favorite. I also love hip-hop and musical theater. In the general dance class at school, we did a month-long tap unit, and I absolutely fell in love with that. However, I had to stop tap because my brother was rather annoyed at my incessant practicing. Jazz is a lot quieter to practice.

Are you a competitive dancer?

As much as I would love to compete, I don’t have enough experience to do it. Also, most competition teams rehearse even more than I did at the studio I quit back in second grade, and those hours combined with my normal homework load would lead to zero sleep and plummeting grades.

What is one dance flaw that you have that you would change, or a flaw on your body that would help you with dance?

My feet are absolutely horrible for dance. My arches are very wonky, and when I put my legs together and point my feet, I look like I’m sickling my feet. If you don’t know what a sickled foot looks like, Google it. They’re atrocious.

What is your favorite dance step?

I like jumps, leaps, and kicks. My favorite step is probably a tiger leap, a la seconde leap, or a fouette leap.

What do you want to improve on?

I want to improve on balance because I am about as stable on one foot as a wilting plant in a hurricane.

Barefoot or dance shoes?

My studio doesn’t require dance shoes, so I’ve never actually danced in dance shoes. I would generally say barefoot because although it makes turning harder, there is less risk of slipping if you’re dancing barefoot and not wearing shoes or socks.

Tights or no tights?

Tights, for sure! It’s much more comfortable to dance in tights.

What is your favorite dancewear brand?

I like Balera because it’s one of the cheapest dancewear brands, but the quality of their dancewear is consistently really great. Balera dancewear is also pretty easy to move in, which is the most important thing to look for in dancewear.

What styles of dance do you currently do?

The only style of dance I currently do is jazz.

Is dance your favorite sport?

I consider dance to be more of an art than a sport because of the emotional vulnerability it requires to be a skilled dancer, and the creative control a choreographer has over almost every element of a routine, from the music to the costumes to the movement itself.

What dancer do you look up to?

I look up to a tap dancer named Ava Brooks because she very much goes against what is currently “cool” in the dance world, aka doing 5,000 pirouettes and stretching your leg farther above your head than a reasonable human being should. She is so committed to tapping, and she is probably one of the most skilled tappers out there right now. Definitely check her out on YouTube. Like I said, nobody is doing what she is doing right now.

What style of dance do you find the most difficult?

I find ballet the most difficult because of the level of detail you have to go into to make a ballet routine look good.

Why do you love to dance?

I tend to be a person who lives very much in my head. I overthink absolutely everything, and dance gives me the opportunity to get out of my head and into my body. I always feel really calm after I dance, especially when I nail a routine or master a new step. Nothing compares to the feeling of finally mastering a new move. Although I haven’t been dancing for a long time, I can see myself dancing for as long as I physically can. With dance, I can express things that I can’t express in words and channel everything that’s bothering me into movement, which is an incredibly powerful thing to be able to do.

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