My Favorite Performances from Each Season of The Voice

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Season 3: “Over You” by Cassadee Pope

Click here to watch Cassadee’s performance.

Try to watch this without breaking down in tears, I dare you. Cassadee’s cover of the famous Miranda Lambert song soared to the top of the iTunes charts right after she performed it, and she went on to win Season 3 of The Voice. One of the reasons why I love this performance so much–besides its inherent amazingness–is that Cassadee came into the show as a pop-rock artist, and here she is, doing an emotional country ballad and doing it perfectly. Cassadee is now one of Nashville’s rising country stars. #TeamBlake for life!

Season 4: “Who I Am” by Danielle Bradbery

Click here to watch Danielle’s performance.

If this performance proves one thing, it’s that D-Breezy knows exactly who she is! Danielle was only 16 when she competed on and won The Voice, but throughout the whole process of the competition, she never forgot who she was. Her strong sense of identity comes through each time she sings. The icing on the cake was when Danielle walked over to her family and her mom started bawling. How Danielle held her composure while watching her mother cry like that is a mystery I’ve yet to understand.

Season 5: “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jacquie Lee

Click here to watch Jacquie’s performance.

On the one hand, Jacquie is a normal human just like you and me: she loves to belt out Dreamgirls. However, Jacqueen hits every big note flawlessly IN HER F****** CHEST VOICE, pours her heart out in front of millions of people watching the show at home, and makes Christina f****** Aguilera lose her s***. In conclusion, Jacquie Lee is not a normal human, she is a SPARKLY FABULOUS UNICORN.

Season 6: “Hold On, We’re Going Home” by Christina Grimmie

Click here to watch Grimmie’s performance.

When I found out that Grimmie was doing this song, I was like, “Are you crazy? That terrible Drake song?” But the magic of Grimmie proved me wrong. Grimmie turned that song into a piece of MUSIC. She belted out every note flawlessly, and the staging was awesome! She started out all soft and pretty at the piano, then BAM! performed the song with the amazing power possessed by another Christina we all know and love.

Season 7: “Young and Beautiful” by Mia Pfirrman

Click here to watch Mia’s performance.

I know what you’re thinking: Lana Del Rey and Mia Pfirrman could not be more opposite from one another. Lana does these really intricate, soft, hypnotic, delicate melodies, while Mia belts flawlessly like there’s no tomorrow. This performance proved to America that Mia is no one-trick pony: she can slay anything, from Christina Aguilera to Lana Del Rey. Sadly, Mia was eliminated after this performance.

Season 8: “Make It Rain” by Koryn Hawthorne

Click here to watch Koryn’s performance.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had started pouring after Koryn’s thunderous performance of the Ed Sheeran track (it didn’t). I was nervous when I found out that Koryn would be doing “Make It Rain” because Matt McAndrew did it Season 7 and absolutely killed it. After this performance, I never underestimated Koryn again.

Season 9: “Somebody to Love” by Jordan Smith

Click here to watch Jordan’s performance.

No words. Indescribable. Easily the most incredible moment in Voice history. Adam looks like a kid in a candy shop because at that moment, Jordan won the whole show.


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