The Struggles of Having a Unique Name


As anyone reading this can probably infer from the title of my blog, my name is Maisie. Maisie is not that common of a name, although it has grown in popularity since the early 2000s (coincidence? I think not!) I love having a unique name because it distinguishes me from everyone else. I’m not another Jane or Lisa or Kate. I’m Maisie. However, there are a set of unique struggles that come with having a one-of-a-kind name, and I am listing the ones that bother me most. This post is partly inspired by a video on BuzzFeed that I like.

Struggle #1: Substitute Teachers

In every class that I have, I have to memorize where I am in the roll call because I never know if one day, I’m going to have a sub. Subs never have any idea how to pronounce my name, so whenever my name is about to be called, I just butt in and say my name.

Sub: Billy?

Billy: Here!

Sub: John?

John: Here!

Sub: Sarah?

Sarah: Here!

(SUB hesitates for a moment.)

Sub: Masai?

Maisie: Maisie, Maisie. My name is Maisie. It rhymes with the word “daisy.”

Sub: Okay. Thank you, Masai.

(MAISIE facepalms.)

Struggle #2: Starbucks

Barista: Hi, how can I help you?

Maisie: May I have a slice of pumpkin bread and a double chocolate-chip frappucino without coffee, please?

Barista: Sure, I’ll need a name for that order.

Maisie: It’s Maisie, spelled M-A-I-S-I-E.

(The BARISTA takes out a cup and writes “MACY” on it. MAISIE facepalms.)

Struggle #3: Meeting New People

Bob: Hi, I’m Bob, what’s your name?

Maisie: I’m Maisie, nice to meet you.

Bob: Nice to meet you as well, Macy!

(BOB and MAISIE shake hands, while MAISIE subtly-not-so-subtly grimaces.)

Struggle #4: When People I Actually Know Mispronounce My Name

Classmate: Hey, Macy!

Maisie (scowling): It’s Maisie, like “daisy,” but with an M instead of a D!

Struggle #5: Letters/Mail

(An electrical bill arrives on MAISIE’S doorstep. It is addressed to:





Maisie: Hey, at least they got the address right! But no one by the name of Maisy lives here, so tough luck to whoever has to pay this bill.

When I Finally Give Up on the World

Maisie: Hi, I’d like to order 3 large cheese pizzas for takeout.

Pete of Pete’s Pizzeria: Sure, what’s the name for that order?

Maisie: Mary. It’s Mary.

I hope anyone out there with an obscure name can relate to this! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, FELLOW BEARERS OF OBSCURE NAMES!

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Author: fabulousfeministfangirl

Intersectional feminist and fangirl of many things, including The Voice, Broadway musicals, Glee, and Jane the Virgin.

2 thoughts on “The Struggles of Having a Unique Name

  1. I really appreciated your writing about your name and as you know I have a very unusual name too
    so all my life my name has been missed pronounced or I get another name calling 😦 too
    and then there a lots of nicknames for me
    So as you have done when I order food etc. I give them a different name more common to their understanding
    that works well
    As I have gotten older and wiser I have tended to enjoy the fact that I do have an unusual name and people stop me and ask me the meaning and the history of my name and I am happily giving it to them as I inherited my name from my Russian grandmother whos name Was pronounced very differently ( and spelled somewhat differently also )
    From what I hear she was a very special woman and so I honor her name and no matter what people call me or how they pronounce my name I am happy to know that it comes down to me from a very very special woman
    And so too does the origin of Maisie as far as the first letter

  2. Not to be contrarian, but – as one of those “Lisas” – It was pretty tedious always having to qualify WHICH Lisa in my grade I was. No, not the new girl Lisa, or the one who skipped a grade or even the African American one (really???!!!!). I was dubbed “the red haired Lisa” who sometimes fantasized about dying her hair to flummox my teachers and friends’ parents! So, although you probably have trouble getting tooth brushes and keychains with your name on them, at least your non-generic name stands on its own (when people can figure out how to say it right)!

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