Adventures in Orthodontics, Episode 2: YOU BROKE YOUR BRACES ON THE FIRST DAY?!?!?


Hey faithful readers!

I’d like to apologize in advance for the short length of this post because, the truth of the matter is, actually getting my braces on was a very uneventful experience! I’m not really in any pain right now, but I was told that the pain starts on the second day, so I’m really looking forward to that.

However, the braces are rather uncomfortable because the brackets of my braces are digging into the inside of my upper lip, which is sort of irritating. Two of the brackets have hooks on them (don’t worry, they’re not that sharp), and whenever I open or close my mouth, the hooks grab onto the flesh inside my mouth and my gums, which is more annoying than it is painful. Plus, I’ve developed the horrible habit of running my tongue along my braces, which can cause the wiring to come loose and the brackets to break.

The process of getting my braces on was actually very quick. First, my orthodontist told me briefly about her planned course of treatment for me and gave me a lecture on how to properly clean my teeth (brushing and flossing after every single meal and snack–yay!), foods that I absolutely must avoid (carrot sticks, apples, hard candy, gum, and chewy candies like caramel), foods that I should try to eat less of (refined sugars and starches), and the fact that I will have at least one orthodontist’s appointment per month. Then, the dental hygienist glued the brackets onto my teeth and used some sort of an LED light to dry the glue and set the brackets in place. I then chose the colors for the rubber bands that would hold the wires in place. I ended up choosing light pink and lavender rubber bands. The orthodontist checked to see that the brackets were placed properly on my teeth, and then she put a wire through the brackets to push my top teeth up and close the gaps between some of my top front teeth (I’m not getting bottom braces for another 2 or 3 months; they have to fix my overbite first because my top front teeth completely cover my bottom front teeth). I don’t know if the orthodontist put the rubber bands on before or after she put the wire into the brackets, but she obviously put in the rubber bands at some point.

Right after the orthodontist secured the wire in place, it felt really weird because my top teeth suddenly lifted off of my bottom teeth, and I feel like my overbite decreased significantly. I watched a video about how to clean my teeth with my braces, and the dental hygienist gave me a pack of supplies to help me clean my teeth. After we left the orthodontist’s office, my mom took me out to get a chocolate milkshake (the milkshake tasted more milky than chocolatey, which I HATED, but that’s beside the point), and she got a sandwich that came with French fries. My mom does not like French fries, so she gave them to me. I ate a fry, and a wire popped out from one of the brackets in the back of my mouth. I started freaking out because it would be awful to break my braces on the first day of having them!

My mom rushed me back to the orthodontist’s office and asked if the hygienist could take a quick look at my braces. I was whisked back into the same room where I got my braces on, and the hygienist gave me a once-over to determine if I really did break my braces.

“Don’t worry, the only places where the wire really needs to stay in place are your four front teeth. That’s why we only put rubber bands on your four front teeth. It’s not a big deal if the wire pops out of any other brackets.”

I exhaled as if a 3,000-pound anvil had been lifted off of my back.

One day down, 18 months to go.



Author: fabulousfeministfangirl

Intersectional feminist and fangirl of many things, including The Voice, Broadway musicals, Glee, and Jane the Virgin.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Orthodontics, Episode 2: YOU BROKE YOUR BRACES ON THE FIRST DAY?!?!?

  1. Hi Maisie (+ parents) Hope all is getting Better When I had my braces they gave me some bees wax to put on the rough irritating parts and that helped save the inside of my lips from scratching so try soft beeswax (you need to soften the wax by rolling it around your fingertips little tiny pieces and then press them on the rough spots of your braces love and hugsxxxxxxgrandma

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  2. Dr Never a dull moment!!!!
    Here’s hoping that you will have an uneventful day tomorrow.

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