Glittery Girls Gang, Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

This is it. Mercedes is coming over to my house in a half hour! I have never been more nervous for anything in my entire life. What if her apology was fake? Luckily, I know someone who can always make me feel better. I logged on to Skype, typed in Jesy’s username, and clicked the green “call” button.

A few seconds later, my best friend’s face popped up on my computer screen. “Hey Dev!” Jesy said cheerfully.

“Hi Jesy!” I said. “How are you?”

“Good, but I miss you! You?”

“Mercedes is coming over to my house in a half hour and I am SO nervous!”

“You’ll be fine.” My BFF reassured me. “She was never the worst Glittery Girl, anyway. In fact, she seemed the nicest out of those female dogs.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “She actually admitted to me that she hated Kayla and she hated being a Glittery Girl.”

“Who wouldn’t hate being one of them?” Jesy pointed out. “I know I would.”

“Well, of course!” I said. “Kayla’s a sixth-grade drill sergeant!”

“That actually makes sense. She does have an army of loyal followers.” Jesy joked. Then, we started laughing. “Oh, Jesy, you never fail to make me laugh.”

“Well, I gotta do my homework. Good luck with Mercedes!” Jesy said.

“Love you. Bye!”

When the doorbell rang, I ran to answer it.

“Hey!” Mercedes said with a smile.

“Hey!” I answered. “Do you want to see my room?”

“Sure!” Mercedes agreed. I walked her upstairs to my room. I gestured to the lavender Wall of Pride across from my bed (it actually has the words “wall of pride” plastered on it in giant stickers). “This is my Wall of Pride. I have hung up all of my diplomas, spelling bee certificates, writing awards, and other objects that make me proud on this wall.”

“Cool!” Mercedes complimented. “What’s your favorite award?”

“Man, that’s such a hard one. But I would have to say my Best Original Poem in the 9-12 year old division from the 2012 Book Nook Independent Bookstore Writing Awards. My poem was called ‘Robotic.’”

“Isn’t Book Nook that bookstore downtown?” Mercedes asked.

“Yeah. I won a $100 gift card to Book Nook when I won the poetry award. I spent it all within a year.” I laughed.

“Wow. I’m dyslexic and Spanish was my first language, which REALLY helps me do well in school.” Mercedes said sarcastically.

“Really? Spanish was my first language, too! My parents came here from Mexico and Jesy’s family is from El Salvador. Where are you from?”

“My dad’s from Spain and my mom’s from Argentina.” Mercedes said.

“Do you like Becky G?” I asked.

“She’s only my favorite singer ever!” Then we proceeded to sing “Becky From the Block” at the tops of our lungs.

“Again, I’m so sorry for the way my friends and I acted to you. We were being jerks.”

“You are forgiven.” I say. “Why are you a Glittery Girl if Kayla’s such a female dog?”

“There are a few reasons why. First of all, it’s a huge opportunity. Kayla doesn’t accept just anyone. And second of all, Kayla’s mom and my mom have been best friends since Kayla and I were one and we were in the same Mommy and Me Music Class at the community center. And even then, she stole the maracas out of my hands when we did the salsa music unit! But the truth is, I never liked Kayla or Avalon or Maggie.”

“Well, I could be your friend. Not that you’ll ever replace Jesy or anything, but we can still be friends.” I said.

“That would be awesome. Jesy was always a really cool girl and she’s amazing at soccer.” Mercedes said.

“She also does lacrosse, swim team, basketball, gymnastics, and softball. So yeah, she’s better than everyone in our school at sports. We’re really different from each other, but somehow we’re best friends.” I said.

“On a totally unrelated note, have you heard the Becky G song Shower?” Mercedes asked.

“Best. Song. Ever.” I answered.

“Isn’t that a One Direction song?” Mercedes pointed out.

“True.” I said. “We should come up with a plan to defeat the GGG once and for all, and since your mom and Kayla’s mom are best friends, the plan I have in mind will be perfect.”

“Sounds great!” Mercedes said. And we plotted the demise of the Glittery Girls Gang like comic book creators.


Author: fabulousfeministfangirl

Intersectional feminist and fangirl of many things, including The Voice, Broadway musicals, Glee, and Jane the Virgin.

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  1. Love it!!!! Your dialogue between the two girls is great!!! So proud of you!!!! Oxox

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