Josie’s 11th Birthday!

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The two cousins smiling together (:

    11th Birthday Celebration: “A Great Time Had By All”

On April 19th, Josie Eliza will celebrate her 11th birthday. Due to the fact that her cousin, Maisie Irene will be out of town on the 19th, Josie and Maisie slept over at their grandmother’s house on Friday, April 17th. The young ladies’ grandmother, Nathalie Ann (affectionately called Granny), stated that, “a great time was had by all.”

The night’s events included baking kosher-for-Passover chocolate chip cookies, and the viewing of two movies: “Bring it On: Fight to the Finish,” starring Christina Milian, and the girls’ all-time favorite cinematic masterpiece, Disney’s “Frozen.” Granny, who had never seen Frozen, partook in the screening, and it was love at first sight for her as well.

The cookies, however, were an “epic fail,” according to Maisie. “The box claimed that the cookies were ‘extra moist and chewy,’ but as soon as I took one from the platter, it completely fell apart!” The 13-year-old recounts. Nathalie chuckles.

“It was totally worth the long drive from Mapleville to pick Josie up!” Maisie says with a grin. Now, the question to be asked is: will there be another extravaganza next year? “Time will tell,” Nathalie says slyly.

“Do you think you’ll do the same thing with the boys?” The birthday girl asks, referring to her brother, Ryan, and Maisie’s brother, Gabe.

“That’s a story for another day.” Granny says.


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