My picks for The Voice Season 6

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My picks for The Voice Season 6!

Season 6 of NBC’s hit reality singing competition, The Voice, started off with a BANG! Every single artist that auditioned had amazing talent and I can see that each and every one of them will go far in their music careers. However, there were a few artists that particularly stood out to me during the Blinds.
1. Madilyn Paige: I always love the younger contestants. Is it just me, or do the younger ones always have a ton of talent? Madilyn Paige is 16 years old and lives in Provo, Utah. She did a hauntingly beautiful rendition of David Guetta’s catchy track “Titanium” for her blind audition and got Usher and Shakira to turn around. Both made good points, but ultimately, Madilyn chose Usher to be her coach since he played the Bieber card. She reminds me of an edgier version of Season 5’s Caroline Pennell, except with better vocal technique.
2. Christina Grimmie: I had heard of Christina Grimmie before the blind auditions. She is a YouTube star and she has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram. But I guess that wasn’t enough for the ambitious 19-year-old pop vocalist. She killed Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” for her audition and got all 4 superstar coaches to turn around for her and eventually went with Adam Levine, aka Cap’n 4-Chair Turn, as her coach. Even though she can undoubtedly belt out big, Aguilera-esque notes, she can also hit the notes that aren’t as big and she can hit them well, which really says something about her control.
3. Cary Laine: Cary grabbed me with her take on The Band Perry hit “Better Dig Two.” She is an edgy, raw vocalist who isn’t afraid to speak her mind, proclaiming herself to be a “to the core country artist” in front of R&B icon Usher. Cary also got a 4-chair turn, and turned the realm of country music upside down by going with Adam Levine, who offered her a seat in his infamous leather chair.
4. Melissa Jimenez: One of my personal Blind Audition highlights was hearing Melissa Jimenez nail the opening notes of Alicia Keys’s “If I Ain’t Got You” a capella (did I spell that right)? I am a fan of genuinely talented singers and a capella. Combine the two, and that’s Melissa in a nutshell. Other than that, her performance was still really good but it was the a capella opening that sold me on her. She went with Team Usher after having to choose between him and Shakira. I envision another a capella performance from Melissa in the Live Rounds.
5. Clarissa Serna: Clarissa was another 4-chair turn, but she broke the 4-chair mold by going with her “Latina soul sister,” Shakira. For her audition, she sang “Zombie” by The Cranberries (I have never heard of the song or the band before in my life). The coaches mentioned it was a 90’s song, and even though I personally am not one for 90’s tunes, I loved Clarissa. She is a strong female vocalist that will undeniably make it to at least the Live Playoffs.
6. Bria Kelly: When I heard Bria rasp through the first phrases of “Steamroller Blues,” I was blown away. I don’t usually like singers with raspy voices, but Bria is an exception. She is 17 years old, and believes she was born in the wrong generation. She grabbed me from the first note and I never stopped focusing intently on her intriguing vocal style (which is rare for me since I have focusing issues) and I put her down as a contender immediately.
7. Brothers Walker: Brothers Walker are quirky identical twins from an unheard of town in Missouri. They had me with their tight harmonies and I was PRAYING someone would turn around for them when at the last minute, Usher pressed his button. I don’t trust Usher, but I was thankful they made a team.
8. Alaska and Madi: Alaska and Madi are a best friend country duo from Tulsa, Oklahoma, which got a few choice words from Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine. Predictably, they went with Blake. They have tight harmonies and their chemistry is visible onstage, which is a crucial characteristic of a duo.
9. Sisaundra Lewis: Sisaundra kind of reminds me of a combination of Season 5 winner Tessanne Chin and Donna Allen (also from Season 5) because I can tell she is wise and her vocals are dynamic and powerful. She surprised coaches and fans alike by choosing the “cute, charming, country son of a *****,” Blake Shelton.

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